Friday, October 9, 2009

From Lance Laurier

DATE: Thursday, October 8, 2009


Good to hear from you. Also good to hear that you are happy and deeply involved in an issue about which you feel strongly.

However, I must wholeheartedly agree with Brent; we are not in the same ballpark on this issue. I also don’t see it as a left verses right issue. Although, that’s how most people seem to want to talk about it. I see this issue simply as doing the best we can to take care of the earth—being good stewards of the earth. How can anyone in their right mind say that it’s a bad idea to take care of the very thing that sustains us AND feeds the economy?

I think one thing people tend to forget is that the economy is a subset of the environment. The environment supplies all of the materials necessary to maintain the economy AND it must absorb all of the waste created by the economy. The do not and cannot exist separately. You cannot talk about one without talking about the other. In my opinion, protecting everyone’s best interests equates to taking care of our world. (Remember The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. Better yet, Easer Island is a perfect example of what happens when people fail to safeguard their environment.)

I guess it’s best to say that we disagree on this issue and leave it at that. And that should have no bearing on our friendship. I think back on the times we spent together fondly. Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to make some new memories in the not too distant future.

All the best,


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