Friday, October 9, 2009

From Brent Cunningham

DATE: Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hi, Bart,

I love you dearly and always will, but sadly we're not even in the same ballpark on this issue! I can't even wish you luck unfortunately...but wishing you happiness anyways, always.

For everyone else cc:ed here, you can of course make up your own mind. But before helping this film in any way please take a look at some of the very sound and laboriously gathered science this film appears to want to willfully ignore or belittle. I'd suggest checking out something like the IPCC assessment reports which are overwhelming in their conclusions and thoroughness:

God knows where the film got the figure that 31,000 scientists agreeing with them, I'd like to see the list of who they are. Worth noticing that none of the talking heads in the trailer are even identified & could be anybody with any degree of knowledge--anybody can put on a tie and sit in front of a bookshelf, that doesn't make a person a scientist. And can I ask in what sense ice is "the enemy of life"? It's the enemy of life if you're a tropical fern, but it's damn good stuff if your entire water supply comes from melting glaciers, etc.

Sorry, Bartles, but this movie is flagrantly irresponsible, I'm sorry you've spend so much of your time on it. Even if the filmmakers had a good point or a response to some Gore opinions or distortions somewhere in there it's completely covered up by the proudly unscientific, transparent, and entirely ideological motivations overtly on display.

For the record, many of you know I'm a lefty, but this truly isn't a right vs. left issue--this is about scientific sobriety vs. politically-motivated blather.



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